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Where is the money? Who is lending? Unraveling the Funding Puzzle

from3:30 PM to - 5:30 PM UTCMayfair House Hotel & Garden3000 Florida Avenue Miami, Florida, United States of America 33133

In the realm of commercial real estate, understanding the intricacies of financing is paramount. Dive into the latest updates on funding in 2024 and unravel the mystery of how deals are getting done and who is lending. Explore the shifting landscape of lenders, interest rates, and gain insights into the impact of government intervention on project funding. Discover how tax incentives play a pivotal role in shaping the financing environment. Uncover the factors driving these changes and equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the evolving financing landscape in commercial real estate. Is this the new normal? Stay ahead of the curve and secure the funding you need for your projects.

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